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Which Face Lift Will Best Suit You?

Face lifts from our Marylebone clinic have come a long way since traditional surgical face lifts were all the rage; the type depicted in films and documentaries about celebrities. Long gone are the days when they were only affordable to the super-famous,…

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An Effective Face Lift With No Downtime!

Thanks to a combination of being effected by gravity over many years and a decrease in our collagen levels when we get older, many of us get frustrated when our faces begin to travel southwards. Nobody really wants to look their age,…

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The Benefits of a Harley Street Thread Lift

Reportedly endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow, a thread lift treatment will lift and tighten your facial skin in a pain-free, rejuvenating manner. The downtime for this procedure, at just a couple of days, is minimal compared to the recovery time required for a…

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Surgical face lifts versus thread lifts

Thread lifts are a treatment that can provide a significant lift to an ageing face. They are growing in popularity because they are non-invasive, yet effectively mimic the results of a surgical facelift. A surgical facelift involves incisions being made in your…

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